Connecting The World
of Alternative Investing

The premier membership network for the alts community
USALTs is the first national organization of alternative investment professionals and is committed to providing a community network structure that pushes the industry forward.

Meet, network, and collaborate with like-minded, curious, and influential industry professionals


Foster professional and intellectual growth while enjoying the company and insights of a powerful network


Move your career, and the alts industry, forward into the future by strengthening ties and sharing experiences, ideas, and goals

Opportunity Awaits

Alternative investing requires a unique mindset, one that identifies trends where others cannot; one that sees the world for not only what it is, but what it can become. Guided by a relentless drive to discover unconventional connections, increase market efficiency and unlock economic value, the alternative investing community is like-minded, forward-thinking, and growing at a rapid pace.

This is where USALTs comes in. A membership organization and network for the alternative investing professional, USALTs was established to harness and capitalize on industry growth by providing a platform to connect communities, share information, build relationships, and push everyone further.

We are here to increase the velocity of personal and professional advancement, offer resources and thought leadership to gain a competitive advantage, and foster the ideas and connections that will define the future alternative investing. Are you ready to be a part of the premier Alts community? Join us.